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1910 — PRESENT

The history of Phillips Chapel began in 1910 when Prather Walker and wife , a very dedicated member of Capers Memorial C.M.E. Church moved to South Nashville. He joined with a dedicated preacher, David Daniel Venerable who was preaching on the streets of South Nashville.  The Holsey Mission was formed, which later became PHILLIPS CHAPEL COLORED METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, named in honor of it Presiding Bishop, Charles Henry Phillips.  Many members of the neighborhood joined and increased the membership.  Dr. Mattie E. Coleman on coming to Nashville, joined Phillips Chapel in the early years of the Church.  Dr. Coleman affiliation with Meharry Medical College (located in South Nashville) played a great part in the growth of the church.  In 1964 its name was changed to PHILLIPS CHAPEL CHRISTIAN  METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH.

In 1911, the congregation purchased from a white Baptist congregation a church building which was located at 88 Wharf Avenue, in South Nashville.  It was composed of an auditorium with a choir loft and two small Sunday School rooms.  The congregation worshiped there until 1951 when the property was brought by the City of Nashville for University court Public Housing.  The congregation, under the pastorate of Rev. G. A. Spears, moved to a temporary location, Nelson Merry School, at Second Avenue and Chestnut.  In 1953, under the pastorate of Rev. R.B. Ingram, we built and moved into the present building.  Brother Prather Walker, the only chartered member, chaired the building committee for the new church.

The present structure is of brick veneer with a sanctuary seating 150 people. A choir loft, one anteroom leading to the sanctuary, restrooms, pastor’s study, narthex and lower unit with dining area and kitchen.  The congregation was extremely happy.  Truly God had blessed them.

Under the leadership of devoted pastors and officers, membership, interest, and involvement have increased.  And through the unselfish efforts of the Official Board, auxiliaries, and loyal members, we have seen the church meet the challenges presented and continue to manifest the same spirit that led to its beginning.

Little did that group of devoted saints in 1910 know that their faith and devotion would be carried on for the next ninety-four (94) years through witness and service to God and the community.

Other pastors were:  H.L. Morris, W.M. Malone, R.A. White, C.A. Woordell, Thomas White, W.H. Taylor, S.H. Sarver, J.F. Martin, H.J. Johnson, P.J. Coleman, D.W. Bass, O.A. Calhoun, J.L. Glover, O.C. Burrow, A.T. Kelsey, W.W. Spearman, Joseph. A. Johnson, J.A.H. Jenkins, W.A. Baskerville, L.E. Scott, J.S. Walker, E.P. Simmons, G.A. Spears, R.B. Ingram, A.J. Norris, A.L. Turner, E.L. Hollis, S.J. Smith, William Wallace, Charles E. Winfrey, W.C. Haynes, P.L. Phelps, Nathaniel Carter, C.A. Trotter, Elliott Augusta, Edward Bell, Charles E. Winfrey, Sr. and Charles E. Winfrey, Jr.

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